Hey, this sounds fun! Can I work for you?2020-07-20T21:32:17+00:00

It is totally fun! We all love our job, and we love being a part of your pet’s life. However, we are a small growing business and we like to see pet care experience and a drive to stay with the business for a long time. We don’t like a rotating cast of workers. We are committed to the business and the health and wellness of the animals we care for.

How do you figure out a dog’s time window?2020-07-20T21:32:01+00:00

We try to give ourselves a 2 hour time window in getting to your dog. This is done by asking what time your pup is usually walked and giving ourselves a little wiggle room. We try our hardest to keep a dog’s schedule regular, but we have many other dogs to visit during our day. Basically, we are great planners. We are happy to provide hour time windows for puppies.

What is your policy for walks during inclement weather?2020-07-20T21:31:46+00:00

If the weather is below freezing with wind chill or above 100 degrees with heat index we will shorten the walk for the safety of your dogs and our walkers. However, we are happy to spend the remaining time of the visit playing indoors.

How long are the walks?2020-07-20T21:31:30+00:00

We offer a standard 30 minute visit, but we will cater to your dog’s individual needs. Longer visits are available upon request.

What do you charge for dog walks?2020-07-20T21:31:16+00:00

$17 for a 30 minute walk, $22 for a 45 minute and $27 for an hour long.

Which neighborhoods do you serve?2020-07-20T21:31:00+00:00

We have routes in Logan circle, Thomas circle, Shaw, Bloomingdale, Eckington, Brookland, H st/ Atlas, Capital Hill and Trinidad.

What are your hours?2020-07-20T21:30:44+00:00

Our usual walk times are anywhere from 9am to 6pm. However, we understand that we work with live animals, so we are always open to provide extra walks outside of that time frame.